Mawaqif will be extending the paid parking hours by two to three hours to midnight from the current 9pm or 10 pm, immediately after Eid Al Fitr holidays, a senior official said. Image Credit: Supplied

Abu Dhabi: Fines issued by Mawaqif before December 2 will be cut by 50 per cent if they are settled before February 1, a spokesperson of the Department of Transport (DoT) in Abu Dhabi said on Sunday.

The move is meant to ease the financial burden on residents and encourage residents to adhere to parking rules and regulations, the spokesperson said.

Residents in Abu Dhabi welcomed the move, but appealed to the Department of Transport to extend the discount to all of its penalties and step up efforts to ease parking woes.

According to many residents, finding parking space has become a serious issue that demands immediate attention.

Collecting fees alone or offering discounts on fines is not a solution, residents said.

One resident cited a case in Khalidiya where a block that has three buildings with 145 apartments in total, only has 22 assigned parking spots, which leaves at least 130 residents without any allotted parking space.

A long-time Khalidiya resident said rules are well enforced and the authorities never hesitate to ticket violators. “But not all tickets are just and fair as sometimes it turns that Mawaqif system is down,” the resident, requesting anonymity.

Another reader said he must now plan his return from office in time to find a parking spot. “My family and friends don’t want to visit often because parking has become a serious issue as after a long day at work, sometimes I go around the block many times without luck.”

Residents  appealed to Mawaqif to build more parking areas to accommodate them and their guests.