191120 fujairah rain
Rainfall pounded the emirate of Fujairah on Wednesday, flooding valleys and dams. Image Credit: National Centre of Meteorology

Dubai: The UAE Ministry of Interior issued a warning on Wednesday to motorists, advising them to stay away from wadis and valleys.

The UAE has been on the alert since Tuesday night, as a heavy thunderstorm is expected to make its way across the country.

Several schools in Sharjah and Dubai said they would remain closed on Wednesday, while Ras Al Khaimah and the Al Dhafrah region reported heavy rains throughout the night.

The National Centre of Meteorology’s (NCM) forecast said a storm was approaching from the northwestern region of the Gulf, with both emirates of Abu Dhabi and Dubai expected to be hit.

“Heavy rain and flowing water may result in destruction and sloping of roads,” cautioned the Ministry of Interior.

The ministry advised residents not to sit or cross valleys and streams, and to keep children away from small lakes and ponds.

It further stressed that motorists should not visit wadis or valleys, and issued caution for roads and bridges that may overflow during heavy rainfall. It also gave some instructions and warnings for heavy rain and runoff floods:

  • Don’t risk your life by sitting or crossing valleys and streams.
  • Stay away from valleys in case a cliff collapses.
  • Don’t risk driving down the stream, as you may be overwhelmed by strong currents.
  • Be careful as water may flood roads and bridges.

Drivers were further advised to be careful on the roads and to leave ample space between cars, especially on highways, in order to lives of road users and public property.