RTA and other Dubai government departments took part in the online workshop for creative ideas to boost customer service Image Credit: Supplied

Dubai: Dubai Taxi Corporation (DTC) at the Roads and Transport Authority (RTA) recently held a workshop to come up with creative ideas to further improve taxi services in the emirate and boost customer experience.

Attendees at the virtual workshop were Mansour Rahama Al Falasi, DTC’s CEO, as well as representatives from Dubai Airports, Civil Aviation, Dubai Customs, Dubai Police, Department of Tourism and Commerce Marketing, and several RTA officials.

Focus on happiness

Al Falasi said: “At DTC, we strive to implement strategies and future directives aimed to encourage employees and boost their innovative skills, and hone their mental abilities to come up with ideas capable of improving DTC’s services and bring happiness to riders. The role of government entities in the UAE is to foster a hospitable and attractive environment for development and happiness. Our role today is to consolidate the concepts of development, innovation and happiness of clients to become a practice and culture at DTC.”

The workshop included a detailed presentation about DTC’s services as well as discussions on the latest trends and best practices. Innovative ideas for mobility services were also highlighted. The brainstorming sessions resulted in ideas that will be further studied and developed to achieve the vision of DTC in providing safe and sustainable digital transport services.