Mattar Al Tayer speaks while endorsing the master training plan, modelled after advanced training methodologies for 600 women employees of RTA, which will run from December 2021 to March 2022. Image Credit: Supplied

Dubai: Dubai’s Roads and Transport Authority (RTA) has launched a comprehensive training programme for 600 RTA female employees aimed at preparing them for “higher leading positions, fostering competitiveness concepts and uplifting their skills in different job scopes”.

Mattar Mohammed Al Tayer, RTA Director-General and Chairman of the Board of Executive Directors endorsed the master training plan, modelled after advanced training methodologies, which will run from December 2021 to March 2022.

According to RTA: “The initiative involves a coaching programme focused on women at work in addition to e-Learning training courses run by reputable international universities and institutions such as Harvard University, Case Western Reserve University and workshops delivered by Women@Work organisation.”

Women empowerment

Al Tayer, said: “The launch of this women empowerment training plan is aligned with the national strategy for the empowerment of women in the UAE. It stems from RTA’s commitment to encourage and support women, nurture a suitable training environment for them to take up leading positions, and contribute to RTA’s successes and ambitions.”

Moaza Al Marri, executive director, Office of RTA Director-General, Chairman of the Board of Executive Directors, added: “This plan for women empowerment aims to train them on current and future critical leadership roles. It addresses the tools required for fast-tracking women career progressions such as professional communication, modern negotiation techniques, leadership, and enriching knowledge and teamwork.”

She added: “It also evaluates challenges confronting female employees at work, honing skills of benefiting from the training opportunities, gathering knowledge about valuable attitudes of interest for women at work, and developing knowledge about the techniques that enable women to become pioneering and excellent in their jobs.”

“Among the key objectives of the initiative is to encourage employees to plan and realise their leadership aspirations and strike a tripartite balance between family, work and women as an independent body,” Al Marri added.

Programme duration

The training programmes will run from December 2021 to March 2022. The RTA’s Women Committee has published a Learning Skills Guide aimed to provide effective assessment and learning tools to support self-learning and optimise the benefit from the programmes of the training plan.

Topics discussed in the guide include adult learning styles, four-way personality analysis and methods for designing self-learning plans. It contains information on how to join women’s professional associations, obstacles facing the learner and how to overcome them, setting the optimal times for learning, developing learning habits and developing a determination index that predicts the probability of the learner’s achieving difficult goals.

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The RTA noted that it “is keen on fostering an inviting environment for women to take up leading roles and participate effectively in its achievements”. The RTA has 817 female employees who make up 22 per cent of its total workforce. The number of Emirati women employed in RTA has reached 691. Female employees are present in several projects and programmes undertaken by RTA.