Abu Dhabi Police additional number plate for bike racks
Abu Dhabi Police launched an initiative advising residents to attach an additional licence plate to their bike rack to avoid blocking the visibility of the original number plate. Image Credit: Instagram/adpolicehq

Abu Dhabi: Vehicles with bicycle carriers will now have an additional licence plate affixed to the base of the carriers, Abu Dhabi Police said.

The initiative aims to make vehicle licence plates visible even when a bicycle is being carried. This is particularly important in view of the fact that obscuring the licence plate is a traffic rule violation that makes a motorist liable to be fined Dh400.

Colonel Mohammad Al Amiri, Director of Abu Dhabi Police Drivers and Vehicle Licensing Directorate, said the move is also expected to enhance road safety by allowing authorities to better track vehicles with bicycle carriers.

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Traffic regulation

It is illegal to obscure the licence plate when driving, according to Article No 27 (b) of Ministerial Resolution No 178 of 2017, regarding traffic control rules. The law imposes a Dh400 fine on motorists who obscure their licence plates.