Google glass used by Dubai police Image Credit: Courtesy Dubai Police

Dubai: Between January and November this year, Dubai Police issued 10,039 fines for traffic violations captured on camera. However, some motorists are still unaware about this practice in force since 2008.

Traffic violations that can be caught on cameras include reckless driving, not giving way to pedestrians and obstructing traffic.

This year, Dubai Police issued 2.25 million traffic fines till the end of October.

Colonel Saif Muhair Al Mazroui, director of Dubai Traffic Police, said the operations room monitors cameras installed on roads to fine traffic violators.

“Almost all of Dubai is covered by cameras, even outer roads. Using cameras is one of the best modern technologies to catch violators as they are not aware they are being watched,” he said.

People can contest traffic fines at Dubai Police’s Traffic Department.

Col Al Mazroui said that radars at intersections that catch drivers who run a red light also work as speed radars.

“Even if the traffic light is green, if the vehicle exceeds the legal speed limit, these radars can catch them,” he said.

Gulf News had received a letter from one of its readers, who was bewildered as to how he was fined for ‘not giving way to pedestrians on a pedestrian crossing’.

The reader could not recall the incident and claimed he always gave way. He also did not recall that there was a police officers or patrol at the time the fine was issued to him.

People can also report traffic violators by calling the toll-free ‘We are all police’ number 8004353, or using the Dubai Police app feature, with the same name.