Boats wrongly parked on right-of-way next of a sidewalk at a beach in Dubai Image Credit: Supplied

Dubai: The Roads and Transport Authority (RTA) in Dubai has undertaken an extensive inspection campaign in cooperation with Dubai Municipality, which started in mid-February, to monitor wrongful practices of the right-of-way by occupants of residential units across Dubai and on beaches.

Wrong practices

The misuse practices include parking boats, caravans, food carts and trailers on the right-of-way, sidewalks or public parking, installing tents on the right-of-way, propagating horticulture that obscures or impedes the vision or movement of pedestrians, installing umbrellas or shades that block the vision and impact the traffic safety on the right-of-way, installing fences, poles and cages or storing building materials, or parking boats on the right-of-way.

The RTA’s rigorous inspection campaign aims to uphold the aesthetic ambience of Dubai while also securing the sustainable functioning of sidewalks. This ensures the safe and unhindered movement of pedestrians on the right-of-way and prevents motorists from encountering any obstacles that could impede their vision while driving along sidewalks.

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Grace period

RTA said the initial stage of the campaign will concentrate on instructing landlords of residential properties to respect the right-of-way and that any misuse of it is considered a violation. The violators will be notified to correct their actions and will be given a grace period of up to one week to rectify the violation on-site. If corrective action is not taken during this grace period, RTA will take the necessary legal measures against violators, as stated in the Executive Council Resolution No. 54 of 2021 regulating works on the Right-of-Way.

RTA urges both current and future owners of newly-constructed housing units to observe the right-of-way and adhere to the standards and specifications established in the emirate by following the relevant procedures and laws related to building permits. Furthermore, RTA stresses that inspection campaigns will be conducted periodically to detect violations of the right-of-way in the neighbourhood.