Dubai: The traffic department at the Ministry of Interior in Abu Dhabi has urged motorists to exercise caution when driving in foggy weather.

To stay safe, drivers should follow tips given by the Ministry of Interior, which include using low beam headlights, and fog lights, as high beams reflect off the moisture droplets in the fog and further decreasing visibility.

Drivers should not speed, and should not brake suddenly. They should slow down gradually in foggy conditions, so other drivers would not crash into them.

Motorists should not use hazard lights during foggy conditions, except to indicate that their vehicle will stop or if there is a risk on the road.

They should also take care to leave extra space between the vehicles in front of you, so in case the vehicle in front of you stops, you have enough distance to brake safely.

If fog is expected, people should leave their homes early enough, to make up for any delays. Motorist should avoid changing lanes as much as possible to decrease chances of accidents.

Drivers should be attentive at all times during foggy conditions due to low visibility. Drivers should reduce distractions in their vehicle, and avoid changing radio stations or use their phones.

If it seems the fog is clearing, do not speed up, as there might be more fog ahead.

Keep the mirrors clean and use defroster and wipers to maximise visibility.

If the fog is too dense to see, motorists are advised to find a safe parking area off the road. If parked on the side of the road, make sure to put the hazard lights on.