Fujairah: A woman who set her cruise control to 140km/h and then couldn’t turn it off had to be rescued by police on Monday.

The Emirati motorist, identified as A.M.A., called 999 saying she had lost control of her four-wheel drive on Shaikh Khalifa Bin Zayed Road heading toward Fujairah highway, police said.

After receiving the alert the police dispatched two patrol vehicles to track down the car.

Police officials from the central operations department gave safety instructions to the motorist over the phone. They asked her to leave the accelerator and brakes and slowly apply the handbrake.

The car eventually slowed down and came to a stop near Fujairah court.

Fujairah Police have called on motorists to check their cruise control systems are working and report incidents to 999 as quickly as possible.

A police official also urged motorists to follow all traffic rules, such as wearing a seat belt.

Motorists have also been urged to assess their speed properly while driving and to leave enough space between vehicles.