Commuting within Sharjah became a breeze for motorists travelling from Ajman to Dubai Image Credit: ATIQ-UR-REHMAN, Gulf News

Sharjah Al Wahda Bridge was finally opened on Saturday to motorists after being closed for over a year and a half.

Motorists faced traffic congestion once they made their way over the bridge towards Al Ittihad Road.

Passing over the bridge was a breeze for commuters who travelled from Ajman towards Dubai, as the bridge enabled them to miss the traffic on Al Arouba Road or Emirates Road, and travel straight towards Al Wahda Street.

The Al Wahda Street improvement project is one of the Directorate of Public Work's largest projects, and includes the double two-lane bridge at 1.8 kilometres long that starts before the King Abdul Aziz Square — Abu Shagara intersection (near LuLu Hypermarket) and ends after Shaikh Juma Bin Mohammad Al Mutawae square.


The junction in front of the Gold Centre has also been equipped with a traffic light to ease congestion coming from other lanes.

"It was only the first day but so far I am happy with how the bridge has turned out. Before there used to be a lot of traffic coming all the way from Ajman but now that does not seem to be the case. Traffic is smoother at the beginning and gets worse when you reach Al Ittihad Road, but I do not think that route will ever change," said Neema Saleh.

Nevertheless, motorists travelling during rush hour were faced with snail-paced traffic as soon as they got off the bridge and headed towards Dubai. Most of the heavy traffic was on Al Wahda Street before reaching Al Ittihad Road, and traffic continued to crawl until after the Khulafa Al Rashideen Interchange.

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