Al Ain: Reckless behaviour on the city streets could land drivers in trouble as Al Ain traffic police have stepped up monitoring and impounded 434 vehicles for various violations in a month.

Driving licences of some drivers were also withdrawn due to careless driving that earned them 24 — the maximum — black points. Other violations of the traffic rules and regulations include vehicles’ fitness, dangerous overtaking, hazardous driving, racing on the city streets, and fleeing after causing accidents that causes injuries to others.

Major Mattar Abdullah Al Muhairi, head of Al Ain Traffic Police’s fine section, said the vehicles were impounded in October and strict action against reckless drivers was still being taken across the city.

He said tougher actions would be taken against drivers threating other road users in different phases. They will be stopped and warned initially and in the case of repeated violations, the vehicles will be impounded for a month.

Al Muhairi advised drivers to abide by the traffic rules and regulations and laws that regulate traffic in the city. All the motorists have to respect the speed limits set on different city roads for public safety.

The traffic police have recently distributed brochures on traffic safety and rules and regulations in Al Ain, Abu Dhabi, and the Western Region of Abu Dhabi Emirate. The campaign was aimed at raising public awareness to make roads safer for all users.