Stock delivery bikes food Dubai
The new rules require adequate training for drivers and riders, besides licensing vehicles and motorbikes. Image Credit: Clint Egbert/Gulf News

Ajman: Ajman Transport Authority has approved standards for licensing the business of delivery companies in order to regulate the transportation process and governance.

The requirements include training drivers and riders and licensing vehicles and motorbikes in addition to the requirements for delivery boxes.

Omar Mohamed Lootah, Director-General, Ajman Transport Authority, said among the requirements is the driver or rider should be free from diseases that hinder the performance of his job and should pass a mental health test.

He stressed that companies engaged in delivery services should have an adequate and approved office, vehicles, and parking commensurate with the nature of their business.

Also, sticking or hanging promotional materials on the body of the vehicle without obtaining the Authority’s approval is not allowed.

The Director General of the authority mentioned that there are also requirements for the delivery box that is used in the delivery process, stating that the bike’s delivery box size should not exceed 50cm x 50cm, and that all sides of the box must be illuminated with lights, and the necessity of placing red and white reflective sticker on all sides of the box.