Customers try out the new Adnoc self-refuelling machine at a petrol station in Abu Dhabi. Image Credit: Ahmed Kutty/XPRESS

Dubai: Residents in Abu Dhabi are divided over the new premium services launched on June 30, 2018, which introduced a Dh10 fee for assistance at petrol stations. 

Using the Abu Dhabi National Oil Company (Adnoc)’s self-service stations is free, and the company has assured that motorists will receive training how to use the petrol pumps.

The elderly and People of Determination are exempt from paying the premium service fee.

By the very next day, July 1, the Arabic hashtag #Adnoc was trending on Twitter in the UAE as residents voiced their opinion about Adnoc’s Flex Services.

Flex services provide a customer-centric approach in fuelling services twhere motorists can choose the self-service option at no extra cost, or to opt for the premium service at an additional Dh10 fee.

Disgruntled customers who used the self-service option said that instead of improving efficiency, they now faced 10 - 15 minutes of lost time trying to figure out the new system.  

Adnoc has previously urged motorists interested in becoming an Adnoc wallet customer to register online on its Adnoc Distribution's official website or at one of the company's smart service centres.

Satisfied motorists, however, applauded the changes and said that the introduction of self-service at petrol stations was a step in the right direction.

"Adnoc has not only shown progress but also with the introduction of self-services has brought in a new culture into society. This type of civilised behaviour will contribute to the promotion of a culture of self-reliance for generations to come,” said Sulaiman Al Hitlan. 

Adnoc Distribution also said it will provide the 'Smart Tag' free of charge for the first 200,000 motorists to simplify the self-serve and premium experiences, while those who register later will have to pay a certain fee, which is yet to be determined.

Four easy steps to get a Smart Tag

  1. Register for an Adnoc Wallet account. Once you register, you will be issued with a temporary password that needs to be changed first time you log in.
  2. Top up your Adnoc Wallet account with Dh50 or more to activate it
  3. Schedule an installation appointment online. You will receive an immediate email with your work order PIN.
  4. Take your vehicle to a Smart Tag installation center at your allotted time. Please bring with you Emirates ID, your vehicle registration card and your work order PIN.


How to use the self-service option


  1. Switch off engine
  2. Children and pets must remain inside vehicle


If paying with a bank card:

  1. Select ‘Payment method’ on screen
  2. Follow on-screen instructions

If paying with cash:

  1. Call cashier to confirm amount


  1. Select desired nozzle
  2. Insert nozzle into fuel tank
  3. Flip lever on pump upwards
  4. Squeeze trigger to begin fuelling
  5. Hold nozzle throughout
  6. Fuelling will stop when complete
  7. Return nozzle


If paying with a bank card:

  1. Your card will be charged for the amount you refuel
  2. Please take receipt

If paying with cash:

  1. Call cashier to settle

Source: Adnoc Distribution