British billionaire Hamish Harding
British billionaire Hamish Harding, who was on board the ill-fated Titan submersible that went missing on its way to the Titanic shipwreck site on June 18. Image Credit: Reuters

Dubai: The sons of Dubai-based British expat Captain Hamish Harding have paid rich tributes to their father who was among the five people aboard the Titan submersible that is believed to have met with a “catostrophic implosion” on its way to Titanic shipwreck site on June 18.

Rory and Giles, the two sons that Captain Harding, Chairman of Action Aviation, had with his wife Linda, issued statements in which they described him as the “best father” and said the world is so much less without his larger-than-life presence and optimistic spirit.

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“My dad was a tenacious and hardworking businesman, but most importantly, he was the best father I could have ever asked for. He inspired me more than anyone will ever know, taught me things I will never forget, and he meant everything to me. Anyone who ever met my dad will praise his humourous personality, his sheer work ethic, and his contant genorisity. My life will be a success even if I’m half the man he is,” said one of them, adding, “My dad is gone but I will never forget him.”

The other said, “My father was an avid adventurer, a loving father, family man and a determined and tireless businessman. In all of these areas, he constantly sought to be the best man he could be and did nothing half-way. Constantly full of wisdom and life advice to bestow, he made my brother and I into the people we are today. He was an energetic and charishmatic man, who by the sheer weight of his personality lifted up and supported everyone around him. His tragic loss will be mourned not only by myself and my family but everyone who had the pleasure to meet him. He said, “The world is so much less without his larger-than-life presence and his optimistic spirit.”

Neither of the two statements issued by the boys carried their names.

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