Cruise control on steering wheel on car Image Credit: Gulf News

Dubai: Dubai Police recorded three incidents of cruise control failure for drivers while they were driving at 100km per hour.

Lt Colonel Abdullah Ali Beshwa, director of Land Rescue Department in Dubai police, said cruise control failure happened three times so far this year but nobody was injured. One person was injured last year due to defective cruise control.

“Three incident happened in three new luxury cars but we managed to rescue drivers with timely action,” Lt Col Beshwa said.

Dubai Police help stop car with failed cruise control
Cruise but do not lose control

One of the incidents happened on Mohammad Bin Zayed Road when a woman driver who was driving a luxury car at 100km per hour and the cruise control failed and she called Dubai Police for help.

“We contacted the driver by phone and gave her instructions on how to control the vehicle and the problem was solved in three minutes. She was told to put the hazard lights on, keep the vehicle in neutral and to hold the steering wheel firmly,” he added. She was told to go to the agency immediately to fix the problem.

Another incident was also reported on Mohammad Bin Zayed Road when the driver was unable to turn off the cruise control. Four police patrols surrounded the car and helped him stop the car. Similar incident happened to another motorist but no details were given.

Man saved after cruise control fails
'Runaway cars': Rescue at hand in Dubai

However, Lt Col Beshwa said the reason behind cruise control failure is neglecting car’s maintenance.

Police said some people make the mistake when they go to any garage or workshop when faced with cruise control malfunction.

“It is necessary to go to the agency that manufactured the car in order to ensure that they correctly scan the computer.”

Police said motorists should inspect their vehicles periodically, keep a safe speed while driving, fasten seat belts, be alert and contact the police operations emergency room immediately in case of any issues.

In case the cruise control jams, drivers should calm down and pump the brake several times, Lt Col Beshwa said. Put the vehicle on neutral several times, and close and open the electric windows also in order to release the cruise control, he said. Contact police as soon as the problem happens for more instructions, Lt Col Beshwa added.


In the event of a cruise control malfunction:

1) Keep calm and make sure your seat belt is on
2) Put on the hazard lights
3) Call 999
4) Put the gear on Neutral (N), then turn off the engine
6) If that fails, push on the brakes firmly and steadily until the car eventually stops
7) If the previous method also fails, slowly pull up the handbrake while firmly holding the steering wheel
8) If that also fails, change the gear setting from Neutral (N) to Drive (D) repeatedly.
Courtesy of Dubai Police