Dubai Police help stop car with failed cruise control

Minutes of horror lived by the driver before the car stops

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Dubai: An Emirati woman was saved by traffic police patrols in Dubai while she was driving her car on Shaikh Mohammad Bin Zayed Road. The 20-year-old woman said she lost control of the car when the cruise control failed while driving at a high speed.

The Emirati woman told the police that she went through a few minutes of horror on Saturday before she could stop her car at Al Muhaisna interchange on the way to Al Warqa.

Maj Gen Mohammad Saif Al Zafein, Director of Dubai Police Traffic Department, said on Saturday that the woman was driving home when she felt that there was something wrong with her car and she couldn’t stop it or reduce its speed.

He said Dubai Police moved quickly when the control room received a call from the driver who could not control her car on the highway.

“Three police patrols moved towards the car which was moving at unspecified speed before Al Warqa bridge,” he said.

Maj Gen Al Zafein said the car was followed by police patrols who tried to force the car to stop slowly.

“The girl was panicking and she told police over the phone that she was trying to regain control of the car but she failed,” he said.

He said police tried to block the road for other cars and they tried to instruct the woman on the safest way to stop the car.

Major General Al Zafein said it took the police patrols four minutes to stop the car and rescue the woman.



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It can be two things: car really was our of control , however in suchcases we would hear it from car brand's or from global news, too as itcan put many thousands in danger if it is faulty parts. From the otherhand it looks like it has been well planned. This is a second time Iread such story about cruise control failure. Person-driver wanted togain an attention and acted as if cruise control is not working,otherwise how person could fit into turns and avoid constantly breakingcars. This is usually been done to shot the action using mobile cameraand then upload it in youtube to say see how police was chasing me andetc... If cruise control fails it means car marque has to enter to alegal dispute as they will loose their customers if such failure istrue.I have a doubth about this story as we will never hear also thefeedback of the technitians. Anyways, good job for Police to end thisup. Going forward I would advise them to punish such drivesr with heavyfines as this is very much dangerous the way they drive and itinfluenses other youngsters to follow it. however I might be wrong ifthere is authentic technition report of marque representative.


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