Mohammad Abdullah Al Haj Al Zarouni says manned desks are popular as tourists and residents like to give when they can see where their money goes.

Charity route

How your money reaches the needy

Shark fins in a fish market. The UN says some 70 million
sharks are killed every year to feed the global appetite for
shark fin. Picture for illustrative purposes only.


Shark fishing in UAE curbed by trade regulations

Rock on: POV with Ron Thal at Hard Rock Cafe in Dubai at the band’s debut album launch gig in 2012


Bumblefoot, POV to rock

Top Stories today

Dubai Courts

Secretary teaches molester a painful lesson

'I inflicted pain on him… he let go of me and stormed out of the office'

If you’ve recently bought a smart TV and connected it to your existing router, you can probably take control of the television with your existing smartphone or tablet.

Why app developers thrive in the UAE

Saudi Arabia, Egypt and Jordan lead consumption, Dubai dominates content creation

Jaywalkers squeezing through a small gap under the railing near Sahara Centre Mall.

Fencing no barrier for diehard jaywalkers

How some pedestrians still go around new railings on busy Sharjah roads, risking death

A British Airways aircraft prepares to taxi at Heathrow Airport in London.

Girls to sue British Airways over sex abuse

Lawyers argue that British Airways should be held responsible for pilot's actions

Passport and Visa

New visa fee system from August 1

Besides a new fee and fine structure, it also includes a new array of entry permits

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    Mazda Luce

    Mazda’s largest saloon was also one of its most important models that helped popularise the rotary Wankel engine in export markets

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