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A jawbone found by Chalachew Seyoum, an Arizona State University graduate student from Ethiopia, is pictured in Afar Regional State, where it was discovered. Scientists say the fossil represents the oldest known representative of the human genus Homo and appears to be a previously unknown species from the human lineage’s earliest phases.


Has climate change made us who we are today?


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Swim, bike, run

Swim, bike, run: Why you should try triathlon

A runner, cyclist and swimmer from the UAE take you on a journey to a healthy body and mind

Beware of hidden sugar in your diet

Beware of hidden sugar in your diet

People are consuming double the amount permissible and they are not even aware of it

Aditya Murlidharan
Feeding the needy The AWB Food Bank collects excess food — not leftovers — from top hotels in New Delhi and after its volunteers check the food for quality, it is distributed among the poor. At present, the NGO caters to around 1,000 people daily

Feeding the hungry and poor in Delhi

A US-based Indian engineer’s plan to pay tribute to his mother has returned many people to health

OPN_150305  medical malpractice.JPG

Medical malpractice: A bitter pill to swallow?

Growing phenomenon in the Gulf and needs to be addressed

Hattan Ahmed's photo taken at the Dubai International Financial Centre has been featured in Apple's World Gallery campaign.

Dubai expatriate’s photo goes global

Saudi national's picture hits billboards from New York to Tokyo

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