John F. Kennedy

Macabre snapshot

Scientists use smell to recreate famous deaths

People at the event attended the Celebrating the Moment-The Stay Strong Circle campaign launched as part of the Dubai against Diabetes Program. The largest light bulb circle, Dubai against Diabetes-Guinness World Records official attempt at the Burj Park, Downtown Dubai, Dubai.


Injecting new vigour into diabetes fight


Yearender 2014

A look back on the year's significant moments

Top Stories today

The public watching spectacular Fire works at Burj Al Arab during new year 2014 celebration in Dubai.

Why New Year’s Eve fireworks is top draw

Keen to watch Dubai fireworks? Then reach your planned viewing spot earlier than usual

The 13-year-old says her father gave her to Boko Haram.

'My father gave me to Boko Haram'

Teenager refused to detonate a bomb strapped into her vest, while two others did so

Mumbai airport

Seven-hour flight turns into a 60-hour journey

259 passengers stranded after dense fog delayed flight from Milan to New Delhi

Dr Aafia Seddiqi, the Pakistani scientist jailed in the US for attacking American soldiers in Afghanistan

'Aafia Seddiqi is a victim of conspiracy'

Reports describe her as the first woman to be suspected of links to Al Qaida

Aamir Khan

Bollywood actors who made a mark in 2014

Here’s a list of ten top male performers who stood out in 2014

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    High flyer

    McLaren F1 is the highest-appreciating car in the past 20 years

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    Hyper drive

    These positive figures show that 2014 seems to have been good for hypercar lovers

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    Auction records in 2014

    The top-five most expensive cars auctioned off this year are all Ferraris

  • 8
    Close but no cigar of the year

    Throughout 2014 there were cars that raised our expectations and sort of lived up to them, sort of

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    Concepts of 2014

    Here are the wildest and most realistic concept cars of 2014

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