Bob Hatefi, CEO of Tonino Lamborghini Mobile during a
interview at the JW Marquis Hotel, Dubai.


Lamborghini speeding ahead in smartphone growth

Fur and leather shops in the Pakistan Pavilion at Global Village have become popular with locals and tourists visiting Dubai, boasting of some of the best quality fur and leather jackets being sold in the country.


Dh10,000 fur keeps out chill at Global Village

Luis Vazquez/©Gulf News


Obama’s savvy bet on India’s rise

Top Stories today

House of law
The Dubai Courts. The year 1970 was considered the founding year of modern courts in Dubai. 
Ahmed Ramzan/Gulf News

Dh471,000 stolen from car as owner ate lunch

Man allegedly tailed victim after leaving bank, broke car window, stole cash in envelope

A screen grab of the official website of national carrier Malaysia Airlines after it was hacked on January 26, 2015 by a group calling itself the 'Official Cyber Caliphate'.`

404 - Plane Not Found: Malaysia Airlines hacked

‘Lizard Squad’ replaces website’s front page with image of a tuxedo-wearing reptile

En route to Brussels on the Emirates flight

UAE flights to New York hit by snowstorms

Emirates and Etihad journeys impacted by blizzards hitting north-east of US


Pringles in Abu Dhabi 'safe to eat'

Rumours spread on social media are unfounded, says food control authority

Col David Heath, Commander of the Guantanamo Bay guard force

Secret Camp VII: Where most-tortured are held

Behind the Wire: Mysterious camp exists, with Guantanamo's 15 'highest-value assets' held there

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