Despite her fame, Umm Kulthum always associated herself with
peasants and people of the countryside. “They were my first audience. Whatever success I
have realised goes back to them. They are the real masters of Egypt.” she said

Pride of Egypt

Umm Kulthum: The eternal Arab diva

An interactive waste bin developed by Masdar Institute of Science and Technology in Abu Dhabi and a local company.

Green drive

Interactive waste bin gives recycling a new spin

Gulf News

Interactive: Behind the Wire

13 years in Guantanamo — and still no charges

Top Stories today

Suzanne Chiu (left) and Jackson Yeung from Hong Kong take a selfie.
Photo Clint Egbert/Gulf News Archive

Is posting selfies a sign of low self-esteem?

Psychologist addresses the link between constantly posting selfies and a person’s self-confidence, body image, and need for attention

Remove satellite dishes from windows and balconies. Municipal campaign aims to ensure resident safety from electrical devices.

Crackdown on satellite dishes on rooftops

Municipality regulations allow for a maximum of four satellite dishes on a building or villa rooftop

Slowing flow: A traditional irrigation system at Wadi Khutwa oasis. Groundwater resources in the most
heavily-irrigated areas of Abu Dhabi could be depleted in less than 50 years, warns expert.

Abu Dhabi aquifers face depletion in 50 years'

Groundwater reserves in UAE being used up more than 20 times as fast as they can be recharged

A drone with camera tested by Gulf News.

39 contestants in drones semi-final fray

Harnessing technology to improve the life of people, the UAE Drones for Good Award receives huge response

Eugene de Kock was commander of an apartheid-era death squad notorious for mass killing spree

‘Prime Evil’ mass murderer granted parole

Eugene de Kock was commander of an apartheid-era death squad notorious for mass killing spree

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