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Gitex Diary: Deal of the day

Top deals from the Spring 2014 edition of Gitex

Demolition crew tear down the shanties of informal settlers for the second straight day Wednesday, April 23, 2014 following Tuesday's expiration of its moratorium at Manila's Tondo district in Manila, Philippines.


Thousands homeless as Manila shanties demolished

<B>Revolver Rani (Hindi):</B> The film is a satirical and unusual love story set against the backdrop of politics. Kangana Ranaut plays a dacoit-type feisty woman who is active on the local political scene.

In pictures

In cinemas: Revolver Rani and The Other Woman

Top Stories today

Professional base jumpers Vince Reffet and Fred Fugen broke the record on Monday between 6am and 9am after performing two base jumps from the top of the 828-metre Burj Khalifa in Downtown Dubai.

Duo sets Base jump record from Burj Khalifa

Watch video: French duo broke the record after performing base jumps from top of Burj Khalifa

IIFA fashion show

Who stands a chance at this year’s IIFAs?

tabloid! takes a close look at the nominations for IIFA 2014, to be held this weekend in Florida

Saudi Arabia

Yemen-bound Saudi women and children held

Two Saudi women and six children were sneaked into Yemen to join Al Qaeda


From college dropout to genius with one punch

It seems that after his injury, neurotransmitters flooded his brain, making him hyper-specialised

Emirati Jokha Eid fought social conventions to become a flight attendant because she wanted to represent her country.

UAE air hostess: ‘My father is proud of me'

Careers UAE 2014: Emirati women breaking with convention to follow their dreams

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