Apart from standard curriculums, students are taught environmental lessons as well

Weekend Review

Palestinian school redefines education

An aerial view of Jumeirah Village. New supply will reduce the scope for sharp mark-ups in prime properties, a report from consultancy Knight Frank suggests.


Luxury realty in Dubai loses some growth sheen

Zarif Nazar allows callers to read messages for their missing relatives

Weekend Review

Afghan radio helps in search of the missing

Top Stories today


How much UAE visa will cost after increase

New visa structure after price increases begin across the country on Friday

Bihar’s animal husbandry minister Baidyanath Sahni sitting helpless in a college room after being held hostage by angry villagers.

India minister locked up by angry villagers

Top Indian official held hostage after opening a petrol pump on disputed land

Dubai Courts

Doctor fined Dh10k for paralysing baby's arm

Obstetrician convicted of malpractice by wrongly pulling oversized baby during delivery

A busy day in New Delhi

Boy, 3, dies after falling into boiling syrup

Mother suffers burns after tying to pull child out of pot in a freak roadside accident

Dubai courts

Woman’s 27-year jail overturned in fraud case

Cassation Court orders retrial for Dutch woman charged with aiding husband dupe 295 investors

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