Lenovo's 27-inch multimode Horizon 2 desktop pc from Lenovo stand on display at Gitex Shopper being held at Dubai World Trade Centre.

Product of the day

Lenovo Horizon 2: A tabletop PC for work & play

Roger Daltrey and Pete Townshend of The Who in concert at Brooklyns Barclays center, New York, America - 14 Nov 2012.

F1 concerts

Pharrell Williams, The Who in Abu Dhabi

Future gazing

Off the cuff

Looking forward to an amazing future

Top Stories today

New hand-held gun radars will now be used to catch speeding watercraft such as jet skis and boats near the Dubai coastline.

New radars to catch speeding watercraft

Dubai Police and Dubai Maritime City Authority launch a new campaign

An Iraqi policeman, an Iraqi Army soldier, a US Army soldier, an Iraqi policeman and a
Kurdish Peshmerga demonstrate their skills in a simulated battle in Kirkuk.

Kurd troops attack Daesh on three fronts

Peshmerga forces launch attacks near Syria border, Mosul and Kirkuk

Penalised for praying Hussain Abdullah

Muslim NFL star penalised for prayer

Kansas City’s Abdullah flagged for breaking league’s ‘excessive celebration’ rules

For illustrative purposes only.

Man charged with selling phone spying software

Charges billed as the first-ever criminal case centred on the advertisement and sale of an app tailored to spy on smartphones

Batman teaser

Batman: A look into the Dark Knight's evolution

A selection of 20 permutations of the most iconic, popular and oddest looks of the caped crusader

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