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Wasl district. Wasl’s association with Dubai Real Estate Corporation offers it access to a substantial land bank in all of the prime areas of Dubai.

Dubai realty cool-off forces investor rethink

It could even force some developers to cut pricing to come up with competitive offers

Indian rupee

Why Indian expats are not happy with rupee fall

Expats got 17.69 rupees for a dihram on Thursday, as against 18.73 rupees in August 2013

A shopper at a Kmart store in New York on Thanksgiving Day. Sales were up 1.8 per cent from November 1 through Monday compared with the same period a year ago.

Holiday shopping sales come down to the wire

Average holiday shopper had completed only 52.9% of their holiday shopping as of December 10

Financial planning consultation

Aspects of sound financial planning

Walking the fine line between cherished values and overspending can be difficult

The DFM index in Dubai nosedived 3.9 per cent.

A roller-coaster ride for UAE investors

Odds are good that correction may be over for now

Retail Gold Rate

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