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A number of projects in Dubai have been cancelled and are in the process of liquidation. Those interested to invest in Dubai real estate are advised to check what these projects are before parting with their money.

Buyer beware: Full list of cancelled projects

List includes real estate projects in process of liquidation in Dubai

Aldar Properties PJSC headquarters at Al Raha Beach in Abu Dhabi. S&P rates UAE-based
companies such as Aldar. In the UAE, initiatives such as central bank regulation of banks’
property exposures, and developer escrow accounts have helped to stabilise the market.

Property firms see no cash troubles

Hghly liquid market and strong cash positions to support financing needs

GCC nationals may face surprise US tax

Gulf-US dual citizens face brunt of IRS efforts to collect income tax from non-residents

The CEOs of German automakers support a new trade deal being negotiated between the EU
and the US. Negotiations on the TTIP, started in 2013 but many Europeans remain sceptical
over concerns about environmental protections, labor security and other issues.

EU, US look for ‘fresh start’ in trade talks

Transatlantic Trade and Investment Pact faces bitter opposition by activists

Financial weight can weigh on future pandemics

Financial weight can weigh on future pandemics

Global organisations realise value in creating pre-emptive funding support

Retail Gold Rate

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