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Ducab aims to grow by 20 per cent in 2013 by increasing exports, its new chairman has said.

Ducab to seek $60m loan in 2015

Cable manufacturer likely to look to UAE banks as it prepares to build new Abu Dhabi facility

Buffalo City Hall. New York Governor Andrew Cuomo is following through on a 2012 promise to invest $1 billion in Buffalo. A $55 million portion is for an information-technology centre, anchored by IBM, that will provide training and create new software.

Millennials, Musk in Buffalo’s revival recipe

Buffalo is benefiting from the increasing allure of urban life for millennials

Flying on the wings of a vibrant tourism industry

Flying on the wings of vibrant tourism industry

UAE shows the world the transformational power of becoming a prime destination

Facebook’s office in Toronto. Facebook hopes to exploit its existing networks of friends and family when it begins testing
group couponing in San Diego, San Francisco, Atlanta, Dallas and Austin, Texas.

Facebook looks to challenge Office in workplace

Facebook plan to bring in networking tools for workers opens another battlefront

Sydney, Australia

Australia mulls tighter foreign property rules

Chinese investment is a sensitive issue in Australia where rural politicians have argued against selling valuable farm and mineral land to foreigners

Retail Gold Rate

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