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Take the current “Like a Girl” campaign by women’s hygiene brand Always. The ad powerfully evokes the affect of gender stereotyping on adolescent girls. It ends with a call to show that “doing it #LikeAGirl is an awesome thing.”

‘Sadvertising’: Why social good marketing works

Advertisers look for ways to create emotive and shareable content

Using a laptop

Which computer is best for your business?

Modern computing may be all about portable devices but the desktop is far from dead

Executives at work

Pressure mounts on employers to pay interns

New research finds that a quarter of employers still don’t pay their interns

Jani Viswanath

Women business owners face gender gap — report

In terms of numbers of loans, businesses owned by women receive only 16% of all conventional small-business loans

RAK airways on the tarmac at Ras Al Khaimah airport.

Charter flights a key driver

Ras Al Khaimah wants to be the top destination for charter flights in the UAE

  • Nortel to pay US bondholders $1b in interest

    Thursday’s settlement comes as Nortel’s bankrupt units in Canada and Europe are fighting with the US unit over how to divide $7.3b raised by liquidating the global telecommunications company

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