The three winners in the latest Emirates Draw. Image Credit: Supplied

Dubai: Over the weekend, three Indians found themselves close to winning the Grand Prize of Dh25,000 every month for the next 25 years with Emirates Draw FAST5. Amidst the excitement, Emirates Draw FAST5 had three guaranteed Raffle Draw winners. Two of these fortunate individuals, Sreepathy Santosh Kumar, and Taranum Sameer, connected their hopes with the game, playing from their homes in India. Meanwhile, Mohanan Vidyadharan, a resident of the UAE, also witnessed his dreams come true.

The fortunate FAST5 Raffle winners – Sreepathy Santosh Kumar won Dh75,000, Mohanan Vidyadharan celebrated Dh50,000, and Taranum Sameer secured Dh25,000.

Sreepathy, who has never even been to the UAE, discovered Emirates Draw online. The 38-year-old, who works as a research associate in Hyderabad, is the sole breadwinner of his family.

“I don’t make much money, so I think carefully before spending. I participated in Emirates Draw hoping to win and provide more for my loved ones, but I still can’t believe I won,” he said.

Sreepathy started playing in August this year, occasionally due to financial constraints, choosing his numbers based on his two children and wife’s birthdays. With his Dh75,000 win thanks to Emirates Draw FAST5, he will invest in his first property, finally able to have a place he can truly call his own.

Taranum, a homemaker from Mumbai, discovered Emirates Draw through social media. Mother to three daughters, she started playing Emirates Draw two months ago and won Dh25,000 with FAST5 in less than three months later.

“This prize will go towards my daughters’ education. My eldest is preparing for medical school, and this will support her studies,” said the 43-year-old.

Mohanan, a 50-year-old real-estate Public Relations Officer living in Dubai for the last 20 years, also took home Dh50,000 in the FAST5 draw.

“I have bought tickets for other games before and unfortunately never had the chance to celebrate a win. This was my first experience with Emirates Draw but definitely won’t be my last,” he said.