Abu Dhabi

The UAE Telecommunication and Regulatory Authority (TRA) yesterday said it has directed etisalat and du to block all access to a video mocking the Prophet Mohammad (PBUH).

And the TRA wants anyone surfing the web who comes across direct links to the video to report them to the telecom companies immediately.

“The TRA has restricted the clip to comply with local law and the norms and ethic of the country rather than as a response to further pressure.” said Majed Al Mesmar, the TRA’s Deputy Director General told Gulf News yesterday.

The move comes as hundreds of protesters demonstrating against the anti-Islam film torched a press club and a government building in northwest Pakistan yesterday, sparking clashes with police that left at least one person dead.

Rioting demonstrators also battled with police outside a US military base in Afghanistan and Washinton’s embassy in Indonesia.

Yesterday’s unrest marked, at least for the moment, a shift to Asia in the week-long violence sparked by the film.

At least 10 protesters have died so far in a week of violence.

Yesterday, in Beirut, thousands of protesters answered a call by Hezbollah’s leader, Hassan Nasrallah, for a week of protests across Lebanon over the movie. A demonstration took place in the mainly Shia stronghold of Dahieh in south end of the city, far from the US Embassy in the mountains north of the capital or other international diplomatic missions.