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A view of Sharjah, UAE. The Building Naming Service which covers all areas of Sharjah City is expected to enhance aesthetics and urban appearance of the emirate and enable the creation of a city-wide digital rental map. Image Credit: Gulf News File | Supplied

Sharjah: Sharjah City Municipality has announced the naming of 162 buildings as part of its campaign to name buildings that were previously unnamed or had unofficial names.

This initiative covers all areas of Sharjah City, reflecting the municipality’s ongoing efforts to improve services and enhance the aesthetic and urban appearance of the emirate.

The Building Naming Service contributes to regulating building names to ensure they comply with the Arabic language, preserving the identity and appearance of the emirate.

It facilitates easy identification of each building and helps reduce name duplication.

Rental map

Moreover, this service plays a crucial role in building a database for the municipality, which is integrated into the rental digital map. This map provides information about properties, their names, average rents, and other available data.

Abdullah Al Shuhail, Director of the Rental Regulation Department, confirmed that the municipality provides an optional service for issuing a building naming certificate or removing the name if not wanted.

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Abdullah Al Shuhail, Director of the Rental Regulation Department, Sharjah City Municipality

The service allows the property owner or his legal representative to choose the building name. The request can be submitted by visiting the Customer Service Center in the Rental Regulation Department in the Industrial Area 5 or by communicating via email (

He explained that the owner has the right to suggest 6 names, of which one will be selected for accreditation based on the internally-approved systems and regulations. The certificate is issued with the approved name after the fee is paid.

Al Shuhail explained that this service contributes to controlling the names so that they do not violate the general rules of the Arabic language, and preserve the identity and appearance of the emirate. It also aims to enable the easy identification of buildings and limit repetition.

This service also plays an important role in forming a database with the municipality. The rental map is fed into it, through which one can know the properties, their names, average rent, and other data available on this map.