The agreement calls for a group of high academic achievers among Emiratis students to study undergraduate programmes at prestigious universities and international institutions in a variety of fields. Image Credit: Supplied

Dubai: Dubai’s Roads and Transport Authority (RTA) has signed an agreement with Ministry of Education (MoE) to enhance the academic and professional skills of Emirati students by offering them scholarship programmes run by the MoE at numerous universities and institutes worldwide. This programme is designed to foster the competencies and skills of Emiratis to enable them to cope with the rapidly evolving technology and growing demands for public transport sector.

The agreement calls for a group of high academic achievers among Emiratis students to study undergraduate programmes at prestigious universities and international institutions in a variety of fields, including Transportation Engineering, Railway Engineering, Robotics Engineering, Infrastructure Engineering, Data Analysis, Artificial Intelligence, Cybersecurity, and Transport Economics.

“By cooperating with national entities, the Ministry of Education is seeking to groom competent Emiratis under the vision of ‘Towards the Next 50’ and the directives of our leaders to rank the UAE the first in the world in the economic and human indicators,” said Dr. Mohammed Ibrahim Al Mualla, Undersecretary for Academic Affairs, Ministry of Education.

Al Mualla stressed the importance of strategic cooperation with RTA in preparing Emiratis at the top global academic institutions to meet future needs, which requires qualified human resources and nurturing a competitive knowledge community.

“MoE has launched a variety of training programmes for students in several fields such ‘Intilaqa’ aimed to qualify them in majors of high priority to the UAE’s strategy. The programmes will enable them to polish their skills and prepare them to work in a competitive environment besides promoting the culture of lifetime learning in a way befitting their professional interests, knowledge and abilities,” he added.

Yousef Al Redha, CEO of the Corporate Administration Support Services Sector, RTA, expressed his delight over the signing of the agreement.

“This agreement marks a significant step in extending cooperation between the two parties and reaching common goals in academic and professional areas.

“As part of this agreement, RTA and MoE will strengthen their existing cooperation to forge a sustainable and fruitful strategic partnership in collaboration with other competent entities to develop the scientific and practical skills of Emiratis. The programme is designed to despatch exceptional and qualified students to study abroad in prestigious institutions of higher education in fields that meet the country’s academic standards and are ranked among the finest globally. The purpose is to develop Emirati generations possessing cultural and intellectual richness capable of assuming leadership positions in various fields,” he added.

“This cooperation begins before the students receive their scholarship and includes programmes and initiatives offered by both parties to hone the academic and professional skills of students. The scholarship also involves guidance, follow-up, and motivation to ensure continued education, up until the post-graduation stage, via training and job opportunities provided by the relevant entities to serve various sectors of the country and achieve the strategic objectives of all parties,” said Al Redha.

“The agreement calls for both parties to develop and acquire competent Emiratis in a wide variety of fields and exchange ideas and information to enhance the cooperation and serve the objectives of the agreement. The agreement requires charting out the tasks assigned to both parties and identifying the requirements and the means to provide them. It also calls for proving training and employment opportunities during and after the scholarship period,” concluded Al Redha.