Filipino voting
Philippine Consulate General in Dubai urges the Filipinos in the UAE to check the voters' list to cast their votes in the next elections.

Dubai: As election campaigning hits fever pitch in the Philippines, the country’s diplomatic mission in Dubai has asked its kababayans (countrymen) to check the Certified Lists of Overseas Voters (CLOVs) and verify if they are registered to vote.

Philippine Consulate General in Dubai has also assured that its preparations are on track for the holding of the month-long overseas voting that will begin on April 10 and will run until May 9.

The CLOVs can be found on the Philippine Consulate website ( CLOV is the list of overseas voters whose applications to vote have been approved by the Resident Election Registration Board (RERB). The list was approved by the Philippine Commission on Elections (Comelec) during its recent en banc meeting.

Verify votes

The consulate posted on its website: “Filipino citizens who registered for overseas voting last 16 December 2019 until 14 October 2021 may now verify if they will be able to exercise their right to vote through the Certified Lists of Overseas Voters (CLOVs) and National Registry of Overseas Voters for the 2022 National and Local Elections (NLE).

Those who have participated in the previous elections — 2016 national elections and 2019 midterm elections — are in the list.

Number of voters

The Philippine Consulate spokesperson told Gulf News the number of registered voters this year is 191,780, down from the 209,862 registered voters for the midterm elections three years ago; but still 56 per cent higher than the previous presidential elections in 2016, which had 122,953 voters.

The next Philippine general elections will select the successor of President Rodrigo Duterte. Registered Filipino voters residing and working abroad can join in the month-long overseas voting at Philippine missions to choose the next president, vice-president, 12 senators and a party-list representative.