Mohammad Amir Mohammad (2nd L) being honoured by Lt Col Mohammad Abdul Rahman, acting deputy director of the Tourism Police Department Image Credit: Supplied

Dubai: A young man has been honoured by Dubai Police for handing over a “valuable possession” found on Jumeirah Beach.

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Mohammad Amir Mohammad was praised for his honesty in reporting the item to Tourism Police so they could deliver it to its owner.

A media statement about the incident sent by police did not mention further details about the possession or Mohammed.

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Lieutenant Colonel Mohammad Abdul Rahman, Acting Deputy Director of the Tourism Police Department, honoured the young man. He said Dubai Police are always keen to recognise and appreciate community members for their honesty and their eagerness to hand over lost items so they can be given back to their owners, which reflects the positive image of security and safety in UAE society.

Mohammed thanked Dubai Police General Command for its initiative to honour him, describing it as an incentive for everyone regarding the importance of taking care of lost belongings and returning them to their owners.

Lt Col Abdul Rahman called on community members to take Mohammad as a role model of honesty. He also pointed out that the smart lost and found service us available at the Smart Police Stations (SPS) on beaches.

The Tourism Police Department said it has received many lost items on the beaches after they were found by members of the community, including cash, valuable watches, jewellery, wallets, mobile phones, and more.