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“Pass and Go” service in Ajman, UAE, allows customers to inspect the vehicle by self-driving the vehicle during the inspection process.

Ajman: A new vehicle testing service has been launched by the transport authority in Ajman allowing motorists to do the inspection of their cars on their own — without the need for any assistance from staff members at the testing centre.

This comes as part of the Ajman transport authority’s keenness to develop and provide high-quality services that meet the needs of the public.

The move also helps ensure business continuity and the application of the highest standards for the provision of Government services.

‘Pass and Go’ service

The Speed Vehicle Testing & Registration Center (SVTRC) rolled out the “Pass and Go” service, which allows customers to inspect the vehicle by self-driving the vehicle during the inspection process and leaving without the need to deal with the service officer, whether for paying the fees or receiving the inspection certificate.

It will be the first centre nationwide to apply this mechanism since 2020.

Omar Mohamed Lootah, Director General of the Transport Authority, affirmed that the authority is keen to upgrade the SVTR services and elevate them to a stage where digital transformation is taken into consideration to improve the performance of government work and provide the services in accordance with the highest levels of quality and excellence in line with the strategy adopted by the Ajman Government.

Lootah added that with the new service, customers will be allowed to drive the car during the inspection process. Once the inspection process and procedures are completed, the customer can drive out and leave the inspection lane without having to wait for payment against the service.

Instead, the customer will receive an SMS indicating the completion of the inspection and links for electronic payment of the due amount.

Once the payment is made, an electronic certificate will be received. The authority also gives the customer the option to pay the inspection amount immediately through the service officer who receives the inspection fees through several available options (pay by bank card or cash) and hands over the certificate to the customer without having to get out of the vehicle.

SVTRC is te first self-driving centre nationwhide to provide self-drive vehicle inspection and e-payment for vehicle testing and registration.