Amar and Ena Basic with Ali Alamadi, EVP of Product at Keepeat Image Credit: Supplied

DUBAI: Swedish brother-sister duo Ena and Amar Basic have launched an app to help reduce food wastage in the UAE. Keepeat lists excess food available at various city restaurants on its interface and puts it up for sale at a discounted price.

The app that is available to download for free on Google Play and App Store, provides UAE residents with a list of items at nearby restaurants that are available for a discount. “The price is at least 50 per cent less than the original and users can go pick up the food or dine in at the restaurant as seen on the app,” says Ena, CEO at Keepeat.

High stakes

According to her, an average person in the UAE wastes about 2.7 kilograms of food every day. “People in the UAE waste nearly Dh15 billion worth of food every year. Cafes and restaurants are responsible for 35 per cent of that number. This is why we decided to address the problem at this level,” said Amar who has been a UAE resident for four years. Amar and Ena are now looking at how this extra food can be picked from the restaurant and delivered to residents.

“We are in conversation with food delivery companies to see how we can provide the service,” he said.

Trader’s House, a café located in the Dubai World Trade Centre (DWTC), was the first café to tie up with Keepeat. “As a keen supporter of the cause, we are determined to continue our journey with Keepeat and set a positive example in addressing the issue of surplus food in the UAE,” said Andrew Cullen, director at DWTC.