‘Hind and Mohammad’s Journey to the Future’ is the first in an upcoming series of “future-focused” comic books Image Credit: Supplied

Dubai: Dubai Future Foundation (DFF) on Monday announced the launch of a children’s book titled ‘Hind and Mohammad’s Journey to the Future’, to inspire “a new generation of leaders”.

More than 300,000 paperback copies of the children’s book, available in both Arabic and English, will be distributed to children aged six to 14 in public and private schools across the UAE in a collaboration between DFF, Knowledge and Human Development Authority (KHDA) and Emirates Schools Establishment (ESE).

The book, the first of a series of “future-focused” comic books, narrates the story of Hind and Mohammad who are assigned to speak in front of their classmates about their dreams even though they still do not know what they want to become when they grow up. With this challenge, their journey begins to discover the future, their dreams, and how they can be part of shaping a better future for humanity.

The 20-pager introduces children to life skills to prepare them for future challenges Image Credit: Supplied


Furthermore, the interactive book also aims to “unleash children’s abilities” by introducing them to life skills, concepts and tools that will aid their development journey and “future-proof” them for the potential challenges of tomorrow.

“The next generation are the most important and most affected stakeholders when talking about our future, and we believe young people hold the key to shaping a better future for all of humanity,” said Abdul Aziz Al Jaziri, deputy CEO and COO of DFF.

“As well as being a critical tool to improve reading, cognitive skills, and communication, the story of Hind and Mohammad aims to give children the valuable life skills in critical thinking and help children to imagine a better future. Illustrative children’s literature is a creative approach that helps invite children to look past the present and give them the imagination to envision - and achieve - a better tomorrow.”

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He added that launching the children’s book is part of DFF’s ongoing efforts to implement the directives of the UAE’s leadership to prepare future generations, empowering them with skills and tools for shaping the future from an early age and helping them become key drivers behind the UAE’s journey of development towards the next 50 years.

In addition to the 20-page story that was authored by DFF’s team and drawn by Emirati designer Khawla Al Muheiri, children will be able to write a future letter for themselves and enjoy the dedicated colouring pages and stickers.