Ali Rashid was driving in Al Dhaid desert when he found the two European tourists exhausted and suffering from dehydration. Image Credit: Supplied/ Sharjah Police

Sharjah: For many hours, two European tourists on motocross bikes lost their way in the scorching UAE desert — without water — and until they ran out of fuel.

Luckily for the duo, an Emirati man came to their rescue from potential heat exhaustion in the unforgiving summer weather.

The Emirati man, Ali Rashid, was driving in Al Dhaid desert in his 4x4 when he found the two European tourists exhausted and suffering from near-dehydration.

Heat stroke is potentially life-threatening, and had been blamed for deaths of people who had lost their way in the desert.

Some construction crew in the past had also succummed to it, that mid-day breaks had become mandatory.

Rashid immediately called Sharjah police for help and provided first aid to them until police patrols came and rescued the two men.

The police team who responded said they found the tourists in the desert between Al Rufaia and Al Hoba area in Al Dhaid.

They went deep in the desert with their motorbikes when their fuel ran out and they didn't bring enough water.

After the incident, Rashid had insisted to host the pair in his house and provided them with food and water before the two rode back to Dubai.

Police did not give the name or nationality of the tourists, but the duo happily posed with Rashid after he graciously hosted them in his house. 

Many social media users heaped praises on the Emirati for his simple, but timely, gesture of humanity after Sharjah police posted the story on their page.