Lebanese star Ramy Ayach speaks of his music during a recent visit to Dubai

"Follow your heart and dream and enjoy music wherever you find it," says Ramy Ayach.
Music is the heartbeat of life. To me, it is the sound of flowers dancing in the fields, raindrops falling on thirsty land or birds flying above. Simple, but so is joy, happiness and freedom.

"Follow your heart and dream and enjoy music wherever you find it. After all, it is the language of the universe," says Ramy Ayach, Lebanese singing star.

"I began with an Emarati song close to my heart and it was a hit," Ayach said during a party at The Palm Hotel's Amnesia Night Club. (The Palm was formerly Dubai Park Hotel.) The youngest son in the family, Ayach discovered his love for singing at his hometown of Baakleen in the beautiful mountains of Lebanon, surrounded by a family with a passion for music.

"My parents always gave me and my brothers musical instruments as birthday presents," said Ayach.

"My first stage appearance was in my school in 1987. I was seven years old, and I performed with utmost confidence," he added.

At the age of 10, Ayach performed at a concert celebrating Labour Day and impressed everyone with his singing. "When I was 11, I composed my first song. This song means a lot to me and soon I will make something out of it and surprise everyone," added Ayach.

At the age of 15, Ayach participated in a contest held every four years in the Lebanese TV station LBC (Lebanese Broadcasting Corporation). And he won. Then in 1996, Ayach participated in a programme called Studio El Fann. Contestants were presented to a 10-member committee, all specialised in music and the arts.

From his first appearance on stage his song Hamama Beida charmed the audience. By the end of the contest, Ayach had received a golden medal and his private song Baganelah Webdeellah had already become a hit in the Middle East.

"This song is the closest to my heart, it is the one that made me popular," said Ayash.

In a public survey conducted by the Lebanese radio and TV stations, Ayash was voted the most photogenic male artist in the Middle East. Then in a special festival held in Egypt, an "Oscar" was presented to him.

"A singer's looks don't make him popular, it's his voice that does," he said.

Ayach also draws very well and has been honoured by the Lebanese Ministry of Education and Tourism in 1999.

During the last five years, Ayach has held successful concerts across Lebanon, other Arab countries and elsewhere. Now he's off on a tour covering Lebanon, Syria, Egypt, Tunisia, and Algeria.

His latest hit, Alby Mal, has made him even more popular and there seems to be no stopping his climb to the top of the charts.