Children from Al Ihsan Charity Association at the Museum of the Future during Eid Al Adha. Image Credit: Supplied

Dubai: The Museum of the Future hosted a group of children from Al Ihsan Charity Association on a special visit to mark Eid Al Adha. The visit was organised and sponsored by CAFU, mobile car service provider.

The special visit saw children of Al Ihsan Charity Association being granted a tour of the Museum of the Future. They embarked on a journey to the future as they explored the museum’s immersive experiences.

The children were greeted by a group of flying robots. They also enjoyed experiencing the museum’s Future Heroes exhibit, which encourages young minds to make new discoveries about themselves and the world around them. The area includes a range of educational and fun activities centered on future-proof skills such as curiosity, creativity, confidence, communication, collaboration and critical thinking.

True to the accessible nature of the Museum of the Future, Future Heroes is a children -riendly environment, utilising calming palettes over bright colours and loud noises. The space is also wheelchair accessible and encourages children to interact with one another, taking on challenges together by deploying the future-proof skills the zone helps to foster.

The Museum of the Future’s overarching objective is to inspire its guests through a series of interactive and engaging experiences that leverage cutting-edge technology and spread over seven floors.

Khalid bin Tamim, Director of the Office of the Secretary-General of Al Ihsan Charity Association, said: “We thank the Museum of the Future for hosting us, and we thank CAFU for organising and sponsoring the tour. We saw joy on the faces of our children today, and this comes because of the efforts of the Museum of the Future’s team who took the group into a journey filled with knowledge and entertainment.”

Rashid Al Ghurair, Founder and CEO of CAFU, said: “Organising this visit to the Museum of the Future is a simple, but important gesture for young visitors, and it was aimed at drawing a smile on their faces and to inspire them through a visit to one of our country’s most prominent landmarks.”