Snake spotted in Dubai's Mushrif Park
Snake spotted in Dubai's Mushrif Park Image Credit: Supplied

Dubai: Dubai Municipality have vowed to intensify pest control after a snake was seen lurking in the bushes in Dubai’s Mushrif Park on Wednesday.

A visitor to the park posted a video on social media of what appears to be a Shokar's Sand Racer or Hissing Sand Snake sat on top of a bush blending in with the greenery.

The visitor raised concerns about deadly snakes lurking in the bushes and urged visitors to be extra cautious while walking in the park, however Shokar's Sand Racers or Hissing Sand Snakes, if confirmed to be this variety, are actually non-venomous.

A statement from Dubai Municipality to Gulf News, said, “Dubai Municipality has intensified its operations to control pests that may appear sometimes in the summer, whether in desert areas or on the outskirts of the emirate, farms or public parks.

“The pest control operations include the various parks of the emirate, with a special focus on combating snakes by the latest means within the Shamil programme that aims to preserve the safety of the public. The pest control operations include Mushrif Park, which spans an area of about 400 hectares, and whose desert character allows for the appearance of this pest at times.”

Dubai Municipality emphasised that it repeats pest control operations three times a week and that it spares no effort to track and close dens and openings and place grafts, traps and repellents in all parts of the parks to eliminate such a pest and prevent its reproduction.

The Municipality appealed to public park visitors to adhere to safety instructions, and not to enter sand dunes, especially covered in tree branches, as well as bushes. It pointed out the need to dispose of waste in designated places so as not to attract pests.

Dubai Municipality also appealed the public to report the presence of any pests in public places, or homes, through its call centre on 800 900 or via the 24/7 app and the necessary measures will be taken as quickly as possible by the relevant Municipality teams.