190628 dubai police
Dubai Police arrested the man soon after the video broadcast. Image Credit: Pixabay

Dubai: A Dubai tenant was arrested for damaging and trying to start a fire in a hotel apartment during a live video broadcast on his social media.

The broadcast showed the man with two other people as he talked about “sorcery” and getting rid of an “evil spirit”.

According to Dubai Police, the man was arrested after the broadcast.

The hotel apartment was damaged and some parts gutted before the fire was extinguished.

A hotel official alleged that the man had been creating problems at the hotel for the last two months.

“He was reported to the police 11 times by residents and staff members and he was detained twice before being released,” the hotel official said.

He said the tenant had rented the apartment from its owner.

In another video, the man used furniture to block the entrance door, claiming that security guards were trying to enter his apartment.

The hotel official claimed his mobile number had also been mentioned in the live broadcast.

“I received many strange calls after that. I answered a call from a woman who told me about the live video. I clicked on the video on Instagram and saw the man damaging the apartment,” claimed the official, adding that he had lodged a defamation complaint against the man too.

Dubai Police had to force open the apartment door and arrest the man who had allegedly put a tape on the smoke detector.

“The man was arrested and will be referred to prosecution,” said an official with Dubai Police, adding, "This is not the first time police were summoned to deal with this person."