Marcus Taylor, Managing Partner at Taylor Sterling, a UAE-based recruitment specialist Image Credit: Supplied

Dubai: Many of our clients have a tendency to make up their minds in the first five minutes of an interview with a prospective employee. They are looking for that ‘fuzzy feeling’ when meeting someone to see if they are the right candidate – someone they can depend on.

So what should you be doing to impress that potential boss?

Make a good impression: Arrive five minutes early for the interview as this will give you time to relax before a meeting. Wear an appropriate attire and when introduced, stand up and give a firm and dry handshake. A dash of smile and a good eye contact adds to the impression.

What doesn’t work? A weak handshake or the top button of a shirt undone! These two things can end an interview before it starts.

Things to carry: Carry two copies of your CV with you. Take a note pad and a pen to make notes during the interview. If you have any queries or questions during the interview, jot them down in the pad so you don’t forget to ask the interviewer. You can also make a list of talking points to discuss with the potential employer. Do not get sidetracked from answering questions directed at you.

Research: Research about the company you are having an interview with. Make a small file about them as that will surely make a good impression on a potential employer.

Be proactive: Prepare for the interview in advance by rehearsing potential questions and answers. Remember this is as much about your interview as it is theirs. So include questions you would like to ask your potential employer – “What are the company’s future plans in the region?” or “Where is the company heading the next five years in the region and what has been its growth in the last couple of years?” Nail the interview: You can simply ask how they would see you fitting in with the team and the role or ask them if they have any concerns before selecting the right candidates for the role. This allows you to address any existing concerns and hopefully make them comfortable in those areas. Do not be afraid to ask for the job you want and be clear about the position you have applied for.

Finally, wrap up the interview with pleasantries and offer your contact details. Follow this up with an email and thank them for their time and reconfirm your committed interest in joining their team.

The author is Managing Partner at Taylor Sterling, a UAE-based recruitment specialist