Declutter for a cause. Dubai Housekeeping staff with the collection boxes. Image Credit: Supplied

Dubai: A housekeeping firm, Dubai Housekeeping, has launched a campaign to raise money for refugees around the world in partnership with online classifieds platform, Meltoo.

As part of the drive, named ‘Declutter to feed refugees’, Dubai Housekeeping is collecting unwanted electronic items from homes and offices to resell them, the proceeds of which will go to Emirates Red Crescent. The firm has distributed 75 boxes to homes and offices in Dubai. “People can fill the box with the items they want to discard. If the box is not big enough, they can pack the items separately. Typically, we are collecting old iPads, iPhones, laptops, Macbooks, telephones etc including those that are no longer working,” said Param Singh, CEO, Dubai Housekeeping.

Irsane Morrad, co-founder of Meltoo, said: “We like to initiate such campaigns. Besides environmental benefits, they help raise money for a cause.” The campaign which started on July 29 runs until August 19.