Wellth promotes a combination of functional medicine and ancient medical practices

Wellth is a unique integrative and functional medicine centre located on Al Wasl Road. It is the first of its kind in the GCC, offering a journey where anti-ageing therapies are driven from the inside out, ensuring a long and well-lived life.

As part of their philosophy that all diseases have a source, Wellth provides a broad spectrum of natural therapies to support individuals struggling with various forms of chronic disorders, including autoimmunity, cardiac diseases, diabetes, cancer, musculoskeletal disorders, and more.

M.S Mahadevan, Ayurveda Practitioner


Ayurveda represents a holistic and simple form of healing originating from India. It aims to know oneself and to reveal the root causes of an individual’s health conditions. It strives to gain insight into the very core of a problem and discover the primary cause of the ailment, whether it originates from improper diet, lifestyle, hereditary taint, negative thinking or emotional and energetic imbalance.

Brian England, Chiropractor Practitioner


When people hear the word chiropractic, they often think about back or neck pain. However, chiropractic provides a greater impact to the world than just helping people get out of pain. Chiropractic is based on the premise that the body can heal itself if the nervous system is working optimally. Chiropractors believe the nervous system is the master control system in the body and it controls all of the bodily functions. Hence, people can benefit a great deal with their overall health from seeing a chiropractor. It prompts faster healing of the entire body.

Liu Xin, Traditional Chinese Medicine Practitioner

Chinese medicine

Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) is a holistic approach to supporting your health, originating from China thousands of years ago. Practices include herbal medicine, acupuncture, massage, dietary therapy, and exercise, to restore the balance and harmony of the body.

TCM views the body as a whole system with interconnected parts and focuses on identifying and addressing the root cause of health issues rather than just treating the symptoms. According to TCM, illness and disease occur when the body’s natural balance is disrupted, which can be caused by factors such as stress, poor diet, or environmental toxins.

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