Without the surgery, the patient's survival was at risk, doctors said Image Credit: Supplied

Dubai: Surgeons at Dubai Health have announced a groundbreaking achievement: the successful removal of the world’s largest adrenal tumour at Dubai Hospital.

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The 69-year-old patient, previously in good health, was referred to the hospital’s emergency unit due to a massive abdominal mass discovered during a scan. Struggling with walking and breathing for months prior to surgery, the patient’s condition necessitated immediate specialised care.

Specialists from various disciplines across Dubai Health gathered at Dubai Hospital to deduce the best course of action for the patient. The four-hour procedure was performed by a multidisciplinary team of experts from urology, oncology, radiology, interventional radiology, vascular surgery, general surgery, and anesthesia. Measuring 27 x 26 cm and weighing 9.4kg, the tumour’s size and weight surpassed all previous records.

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Dubai Hospital’s multidisciplinary approach to the surgery, which forms part of the emirate’s first integrated academic health system, ensured the best possible outcome, Dubai Health said. The successful surgery also reflects Dubai Health’s promise to put the Patient First, it added.

Dubai Hospital Image Credit: Supplied

Complexity and risks

Dr Fariborz Bagheri, Consultant Urologist at Dubai Hospital, who led the operation, highlighted the complexity and risks associated with the procedure. “Due to the tumour’s size and its compression on vital structures, surgical intervention posed considerable challenges,” stated Dr Fariborz. “However, without intervention, the patient’s survival was at high risk.”

Reflecting on the outcome, Dr. Fariborz expressed gratitude for the successful procedure, attributing it to the combined efforts of the medical and surgical teams. He further commented, “We are very thankful that the patient responded well to the surgery and has fully recovered.”

Collaborative efforts

Dr Mariam Al Raeesi, CEO of Dubai Hospital, highlighted the collaborative efforts of the multidisciplinary team in deciding to proceed with the surgery. “After careful consideration and collaboration among our medical and surgical experts, it was agreed to undertake this complex procedure,” Dr Al Raeesi said.

“The enormous success of the procedure is a huge testament to our medical staff here at Dubai Hospital, putting in practice our Patient First promise focused on delivering high-quality care for patients.”

Dubai Hospital is one of the largest specialised tertiary hospitals in the UAE. As part of Dubai Health, the first integrated academic health system in Dubai, the hospital provides comprehensive services in all healthcare disciplines relevant to the needs of the community.