Sheikh Shakhbout Medical City, where the surgery took place Image Credit: Supplied

Abu Dhabi: A 30.5kg tumour has been removed intact in one piece from the ovary of a 63-year-old Filipina limo driver in Abu Dhabi.

The medical team for treating malignant tumours in Sheikh Shakhbout Medical City (SSMC) succeeded in removing the tumour. The team announced that the patient is fully recovering after the operation by obstetrics and gynaecology specialists.

The abnormal growth was taken out it in its entirety, with no spillage or cuts Image Credit: Supplied

SSMC said the operation, which took an hour and a half, was performed by Dr Mohieddin Saud and the obstetrics and gynaecology surgical team at SSMC Hospital, a member of the PureHealth network.

In a statement issued by SSMC, the medical team said: “Despite ovarian tumours of this size [30.5kg] being extremely rare, the 1.5-hour operation was skilfully conducted by Dr Muhieddine Seoud and SSMC’s obstetrics and gynaecological [OB-GYN] surgical team. The operation was a resounding success with the tumour removed in one piece and the patient is now making a full recovery.”

The 63-year-old patient, a limousine driver from the Philippines, was recently admitted to SSMC via its Emergency Department (ED), suffering from severe abdominal pain. She had endured various degrees of discomfort and pain for over three years before presenting to doctors on March 23.

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Emergency surgery

Following a referral from the ED to the hospital’s OB-GYN experts, the patient was admitted immediately, with surgery performed the same day through SSMC’s emergency service.

Dr Mohieddin Saud

Dr Seoud, treating consultant physician and chair of Obstetrics and Gynaecology Department at SSMC, said: “Conditions and tumours of this size are very uncommon in the region. Indeed, this is the largest tumour presented and removed at SSMC and one of the largest recorded in the UAE. It was, therefore, immediately apparent to SSMC’s emergency department and, subsequently, OB-GYN specialists, that the patient had an abnormal abdominal distention, which was causing the patient’s severe discomfort.”

He added: “Upon examination, it was confirmed that this was a large tumour, originating from the patient’s left ovary, and that emergency surgery was required.”

How the tumour was removed

Dr Seoud added: “Removal of the tumour was through incision, and we were able to remove it in its entirety, with no spillage or cuts. All in all, the surgery took one and a half hours and, due to the nature and size of the incision needed, the patient’s recovery period should be three weeks. We are delighted to report that there were no complications both during or post-surgery, and the patient is now on her way to a full recovery.”

‘Forever grateful’

The patient, Virginia Asuncion, said: “From the first moment I set foot in the hospital, to the post-surgery care I am receiving during my recovery, I have felt incredibly blessed to have had such a wonderful team to help me through this difficult moment in my life. From the doctors to nurses and all the staff at SSMC, I feel a dedication and compassion for my needs and care, and I am forever grateful to all those involved in this journey.”

Dr Abdul Qader Al Messabi

Dr Abdul Qader Al Messabi, consultant gastroenterologist and acting chief medical officer at SSMC, said the “patient-first” goal at the facility involves “a holistic approach that permeates through all our services, addressing concerns and preferences right where it is needed – at the patient level.”