Prime Health
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PRIME Health provides comprehensive and benevolent care to patients across the spectrum of acute and chronic kidney diseases for children and adults having one of the best nephrologists and urologists at PRIME Hospital and across PRIME Medical Centres.

* Clinic for primary as well as secondary hypertension is conducted.

* Real time ultrasound guided renal biopsies.

* Full-fledged dialysis unit including facilities for hemodialysis, hemodiafiltration and SCUF.

* SLED/extended dialysis and CRRT.

* Follow up care for post kidney transplant patients.

Kidney disease is a growing problem. Anyone can develop kidney disease, regardless of age or race. Factors that can increase the risk of chronic kidney disease include diabetes, high blood pressure, heart (cardiovascular) disease, smoking, obesity, being of black, native American, or Asian American race, family history of kidney disease, and abnormal kidney structure.

Early kidney disease has no symptoms, one of the best ways to know if anyone has kidney disease is to not wait for signs or symptoms — a blood test measures your GFR, determining how well your kidneys are filtering, and a urine test checks for protein.

The first step to protect your kidneys, especially if you are at high risk is to prevent and manage high blood pressure and diabetes; get your blood and urine checked for kidney disease, and adhere to the recommended follow-up as advised by your physician.

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