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Dubai: The Dubai Health Authority has achieved significant progress in its journey towards smart transformation. Notable milestones include a 98.55 per cent digital completion rate, a 98.91 per cent automation of internal processes, a 93.42 per cent digital adoption rate, and a 100 per cent smart remote inspection rate, all made possible through the implementation of the ‘RASED’ system.

Unified medical file

DHA established the NABIDH platform for the secure exchange of reliable healthcare information among licensed health facilities in Dubai. The platform enables healthcare providers to securely access and share comprehensive medical records of patients from both public and private health facilities in Dubai.

To date, the number of unified medical files available on the platform has reached 7.8 million. Furthermore, since its launch in October 2020, the platform has facilitated the exchange of over 352 million messages containing new health data from facilities associated with the platform.

Licensing professionals

Another innovative initiative that the Authority continues to develop is ‘Sheryan’, a system aimed at improving healthcare facility services and professional licensing services while aligning it with the regulations outlined by the Ministry of Health and Prevention. DHA has undertaken several enhancements to streamline the platform’s user interface and link it with various government entities, including the Department of Economy and Tourism in Dubai, thereby reducing transaction processing times.

Since the system’s automation in 2019 up to the first half of this year, Sheryan platform has facilitated more than 4 million transactions. The number of registered health professionals in Dubai now stands at 85,000, with 76,000 professionals having applied for electronic exams. During this same period, the platform has audited the certificates of 116,000 professionals, marking significant progress and efficiency in the licensing and registration processes.

Immunisation records

To align with its accelerated smart transformation, the DHA has upgraded its Public Health Solution for Disease Surveillance Management. The improved version of the innovative solution called HASANA, which means immunity, aims to seamlessly integrate all government and private health facilities in Dubai, ensuring the creation of a unified immunisation record for each client across all health facilities in the city. Furthermore, it establishes a robust system to effectively manage and control the transmission of communicable diseases.

The upgraded immunity system offers several key advantages, with early warning being paramount for the timely detection of disease outbreaks. It achieves this by collecting and analysing data related to disease occurrences, alongside laboratory reports, hospitalisation records, and other relevant indicators.

Furthermore, HASANA offers electronic vaccination certificate issuance services, equipping decision-makers with essential data to identify and proactively prevent infectious disease outbreaks. It aids in controlling their spread efficiently by leveraging cutting-edge technologies, analytical tools, dashboards, and reports.

HASANA has 5,473 users from affiliated service providers, serving a vast customer base that has exceeded 15.8 million individuals. Additionally, the system encompasses access to a total of 991 health facilities.

Smart transactions

The number of smart transactions registered on DHA’s digital platforms witnessed a substantial increase during the first half of the year, with 2.3 million transactions recorded, marking a 13 per cent increase from the same period in 2022.

Furthermore, health licensing services provided through DHA’s smart applications saw a 25 per cent increase in transactions compared to the first half of 2022, with 667,000 transactions in the current year, up from 533,000 in 2022.

Artificial Intelligence deployment

As part of the Authority’s commitment to harness advancements in Artificial Intelligence (AI) technologies, AI tools are employed to assess the eligibility of health professionals in the sector seeking medical practice licenses. In the first half of 2023, around 70,000 applicants underwent evaluation through the ‘Sheryan’ platform. Additionally, AI is utilised to expedite the issuance of certificates of good conduct for health sector workers, resulting in 3,457 certificates being issued during the same period.

Community awareness

DHA has also been utilising its digital platforms to conduct virtual health awareness workshops targeting both healthcare professionals and community members. The Authority carried out 57 awareness campaigns aimed at various communities and schools in the first half of 2023. These campaigns reached around 64,000 individuals, including over 11,000 students.