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Fady Chehade, Vice President and General Manager, Global Business Development, GOJO Industries Image Credit: Supplied

What are the unique solutions that PURELL brought to the table during the pandemic in the UAE?

In addition to immediately ramping up our production to 24 hours, seven days a week, GOJO quickly recognised that we needed to get creative in order to fulfil market demand. Among those solutions were unique bottle and packaging configurations, new partnerships with mega-brands like DAWN and repurposing our own components for new hand sanitiser configurations, like our half-gallon bottle. We were able to turn these projects around with unprecedented speed to get them into the market.

As one of the leading brands for hand sanitisers worldwide, what is PURELL’s strategy to meet market demand in a Covid world?

In addition to delivering unique packaging configurations and running our manufacturing 24/7, GOJO quickly began developing sites for additional capacity.

A total of three new sites will be online before the end of 2020. We are also building on what we learned during the pandemic response and right-sizing our portfolio to increase production efficiencies.

What is PURELL’s expansion strategy for the UAE and the Middle East?

The UAE and the Middle East is a very strategic market for GOJO. PURELL product quality and value closely align with consumers’ expectations.

We will continue our focus on supporting and growing this region with PURELL-branded products via our close partnerships with local distribution and alliances with healthcare leadership.