Ajman: The first annual conference on clinical skills and simulation in medical education, including the first simulation championship competition in the region, will be held by the Gulf Medical University (GMU).

The Centre for Advanced Simulation in Healthcare, a simulation-based training centre, announced that it will be organising both events on April 9 with a distinguished group of internationally renowned faculty in this field delivering the talks at the conference.

The keynote addresses at the conference will be delivered by international experts who will reiterate the importance of incorporating simulation in medical education to foster a new generation of health-care professionals who will be better equipped to deliver safe and high-quality care.

Professor Manda Venkatramana, Director of the Centre and Dean, College of Medicine, at GMU, who will be delivering keynote lectures at the conference, said that Simulation Olympics (MedSim) is being held for the first time in the region and that they are delighted to invite teams from various colleges and universities and hospitals in the UAE.

Speaking about the contest, he said: “MedSim Olympics is a championship contest where inter-professional health-care teams will encounter simulation-based patient management challenges, giving them an opportunity to competently display their crisis resource management skills effectively.”

This year’s theme is Life Support. The teams consist of physicians, nurses, residents and an intern or a medical student and the winning team will be honoured as the MedSim champion of the year.

The theme for MedSim Olympics 2016 will be paediatrics and gynaecology. There are rules and regulations to register for the contest with the last date for registration April 2.

The semi-finals will be on April 4 and the finals on April 9.

“We want to expand the participation to teams from other GCC countries from the next edition of Simulation Olympics 2016,” said Venkatramana.