The Dubai Camel Hospital intends to help in the research and development of camel medicine. Image Credit: Reuters

Dubai: Pristine operating theatres and state-of-the-art medical equipment are featured in a new Dubai hospital that opened last week — exclusively for camels.

Camels remain an important part of the Gulf Arab state’s heritage. Camel races and camel beauty pageants are a favourite recreation for locals, and some animals fetch millions of dollars at auctions in the country.

Preserving that heritage is part of the purpose of Dubai Camel Hospital, which cost Dh40 million ($10.9 million) and is the first of its kind in the world, said Mohammad Al Beloushi, the hospital’s director.

“We found that we must care for camels not only by breeding and raising them, but also by being able to medically treat them,” Al Beloushi said.

Staffed by a team of international veterinarians, the hospital, can treat 20 camels at a time. It’s also equipped with a mini-race track to get the camels up and running after their medical procedures.

Its customised equipment was adapted from equestrian medical equipment to accommodate camel treatment. A surgery starts at $1,000 and an X-ray or ultrasound at $110.

The hospital intends to help in the research and development of camel medicine in an effort “to unfold the secrets of this strange desert animal”, said Ahsan Ul Haq, the facility’s head of marketing and finance.