All food products in the Abu Dhabi market go through strict checks throughout the supply chain, ADAFSA said Image Credit: X/@adafsa_gov

Abu Dhabi: Abu Dhabi Agriculture and Food Safety Authority (ADAFSA) on Sunday refuted rumours regarding Perrier water products in Abu Dhabi and confirmed their safety the emirate’s markets.

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In a statement posted on its X account, the Authority said: “ADAFSA reassures consumers in the emirate that it is taking all necessary measures and procedures to prevent any unsafe and unhealthy products from reaching the emirate’s markets.”

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It added: “ADAFSA bases its work on technical regulations, systems and legislation, all of which are based on scientific foundations and standards with international references, and are reviewed and updated on an ongoing basis in light of the latest developments.

“ADAFSA stressed the importance of consumers’ confidence in the quality of food sold in local markets, whether locally produced or imported from abroad. All food products in circulation are subject to strict control throughout the supply chain.

“Imported food products are also subject to strict controls at various ports, and no product is allowed to enter unless it is verified that it meets the approved specifications. In addition to inspection and sampling of food products at sales centers to ensure that the food product is fit for consumption.”