Exploring the realm of natural dental care is now not as hard as it seems. Drawing from a rich legacy of traditional knowledge spanning continents and eras, certain natural ingredients have proven their worth through the ages. These five simple yet powerful elements stand out for their remarkable ability to maintain oral health. They not only promote strong, healthy teeth and gums but also offer the added benefit of natural teeth whitening.

Let's delve into the unique properties of these natural remedies and their role in dental care


well known for its rich flavour and varied dental benefits. Packed with Eugenol, it positively impacts oral health due to its potent anti-inflammatory and anesthetic properties that help immensely particularly for toothaches.. They also prevent cavity formation and block further damage that could result in the loss of teeth. Cloves have a long-established reputation for being a natural remedy for dental pain, toothaches and deliver guaranteed results when it comes to fighting cavities.

Extracted from plants and used in various forms, clove oil is popular in dental care for its versatility and ease of use. Herbal toothpaste infused with clove extracts is also a safe and worthy choice for cavity prevention


The use of charcoal for dental care is a popular trend associated with oral health benefits. Activated charcoal in toothpaste helps remove substances stuck on the tooth’s surface. While it does manage the cleaning proficiently, it is more popular for whitening the teeth. The absorbing nature of activated charcoal attracts accumulated plaque over the tooth surface and compounds responsible for the staining of teeth. It also helps remove the acidic compounds present in the mouth for fresh breath and a thoroughly cleansed mouth.


Renowned for its natural antibacterial and antifungal properties, neem effectively combats harmful bacteria and fungi in the mouth, inhibiting plaque formation and gum diseases. The anti-inflammatory nature of neem aids in reducing gum inflammation, contributing to overall gum health. Its natural astringent qualities strengthen gums, while simultaneously acting as a preventive measure against the loosening of oral tissues.

Beyond its preventive functions, neem plays a vital role in controlling bad breath by targeting the microbes responsible for oral malodor. Remarkably gentle on teeth and gums, neem offers a soothing yet effective oral care experience, making it suitable for those with sensitivity issues.

Mint & lemon

Mint and lemon synergise to deliver a burst of freshness to oral care. Mint's invigorating menthol properties leave the mouth feeling cool, while lemon's natural acidity combats bacteria, promoting oral hygiene. Together, they create a refreshing sensation that not only fights bad breath but also elevates the overall brushing experience. This combination adds a zesty twist to toothpaste formulations, making it a popular choice for those who seek a vibrant and revitalising touch to their daily dental routine.

Aloe vera

A rich source of antioxidants and vitamins, aloe vera has the superpower to heal. It is not surprising that this succulent plant features in skincare, cosmetics, food supplements, and even oral care. It helps reduce inflammation, takes good care of the gums, and refreshes breath by controlling bacteria. It is also a natural cleanser that gently soothes aches in gum and teeth.

Aloe vera is used as one of the ingredients in fluoride-free oral care products for whitening since its anti-bacterial properties can help clean the yellowing of teeth and for freshness.

- Hemchandar Ramesh is the Category Head of Oral Care at Dabur International.