Abu Dhabi Police
Abu Dhabi Police have warned motorists against driving noisy vehicles in residential areas Image Credit: Abu Dhabi Police

Abu Dhabi: Abu Dhabi Police have warned drivers against taking part in disruptive activities such as intentionally generating excessive noise from their vehicles or engaging in behaviours that disrupt public tranquillity and pose risks on the roads.

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Violating drivers will face harsh penalties, including a fine of Dh2000 and 12 traffic points, under Article “20” of the Traffic Law for driving vehicles that cause excessive noise.

Disruptive activities

Police also released an awareness video with a strict warning against motorists for driving a car that makes too much noise and asked motorists to avoid honking and excessive acceleration

Abu Dhabi Police said that such disruptive activities are notably prevalent on roads adjacent to sandy areas near residential zones, causing considerable disturbance and anxiety among residents, including vulnerable groups such as children, the sick, and the elderly.

It highlighted the negative impact of vehicle noise on public tranquillity, leading to panic, tension, and nervousness not only among other motorists and road users but also within communities where such noisy vehicles are frequently observed.

Adhere to safety

Abu Dhabi Police urged motorcycle and vehicle operators to strictly adhere to safety and security measures, especially in sandy locales and family camp areas.

Motorists are also advised to follow all driving regulations to ensure public roads remain safe and quiet as well as to avoid modifying vehicles to increase noise levels.

The Capital Police encouraged the public to play an active role in maintaining their neighbourhoods’ peace by reporting noisy vehicles directly to the police through the 999 command and control centre hotline.

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Illegal vehicle modification

Reiterating their commitment to public safety, Abu Dhabi Police have warned of additional legal measures against those who modify their vehicles without authorisation, applying Article “73” for unauthorised engine or chassis modifications, which includes a fine of Dh1000, 12 traffic points, and a 30-day vehicle impoundment.

Under Law No. (5) of 2020, related to the impoundment of vehicles in the Emirate of Abu Dhabi, offenders may also face a Dh10,000 fee to release impounded vehicles, with the possibility of auctioning the vehicle if fees are not paid within three months.