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An event organised by the UAE Ministry of Human Resources and Emiratisation (MOHRE). Image Credit: File / Gulf News

Dubai: The Ministry of Human Resources and Emiratisation (MOHRE) is taking customer service to the next level — by directly responding to complainants aired on social media, and even way beyond office hours.

On Tuesday, a tweep @aakibmanzoor messaged @MOHRE_UAE, the ministry's official Twitter handle, over a salary-related complaint.

The exchange carried an air of exasperation on the tweep’s side. But it was respectful — the tweep did not name the company concerned.

On the microblogging site, the complainant simply stated: “A reputed real estate company didn't pay salaries, did immediate termination, not paying final settlements and didn't bother to attend Tawafuq meetings. Moreover, they think they are above law.”

“Just wonder, will they get any penalty, fine or ban or is it just more than 100 employees and counting, who will suffer in all this situation?”

Within a few minutes of being tagged on the tweet, @MOHRE_UAE replied — both in Arabic and in English.

“We are sorry to hear that. Please note that you can file a complaint against the establishment in case your labor dues are not paid through the phone application, the ministry website or the call center 80060.”

The complainant then replied: “But the employer is taking advantage of this thing by not coming to any appointments. Even employees, who got terminated in May 2019 are still waiting for their rights in Tawafuq Centres.”

The exchange takes transparency and customer service to a whole new level — especially on how government service centres in the UAE deal with customers.

The complainant stated: “I do not have money to live on or even to eat and from the beginning of the month, will not have any means to pay for my place. At the same time the company organizes exhibitions costing millions. Please help humanity.”

At about 10.20pm on Tuesday, @MOHRE_UAE replied: "Kindly note that if the company is not paying the salaries, the company will be automatically blocked and there will be further actions against the company."

The UAE government is spearheadingdramatic improvements in customer service, naming the five best and worst government centres in the UAE, following an evaluation of more than 600 service centres.

The complainant stated: “Well now we are done with Tawafuq and forwarded our case in labour court.”

Claim: Unpaid for 6 months

Another tweep, @Pinkylundhabi, chimed in, saying: "I am in the same situation didn’t get paid from last 6 months salary and over 1 year commission. I am from real estate too. Case is in tawafuq. Please help."

To lodge confidential complaints

MOHRE allows customers to send secret complaints through its salary system. Each complaint triggers a verification process, which will also involve the inspection of the concerned establishment. 

Web complaints to MOHRE 

As for salary-related complaints, the ministry uses a high-tech process on its website, assigning a QR code to every complaint lodged. The service is available in both Arabic and English.

A video tutorial is also available on the site.

MOHRE hotline

80060 (from 8:00 am to 2:00pm)

Web chat site

The ministry also has an online chat site for labour-related concerns. Customers must give their name, Emirates ID number, mobile number and Transaction ID/Work Permit/Company