Cairo: The UAE has reiterated its support for Egypt’s roadmap and economic programmes to help Egypt regain its stability and economic recovery.

Dr Anwar Mohammad Gargash, Minister of State for Foreign Affairs, made the statement during a meeting held yesterday with Egyptian Prime Minister Ebrahim Mehleb.

Gargash reaffirmed his keenness to visit Egypt often, and expressed his optimism that Egypt’s will be better despite the challenges the country is facing.

“Egypt is the spine of the Arab world, and a beacon for Arab culture,” said Gargash.

The UAE is witnessing a noticeable change in stances of foreign countries through meetings held between senior officials. He pointed out that most countries around the world are supporting the completion of the Egyptian roadmap. He praised the commitment of the Egyptian government to the roadmap, as reflected by the success of the Egyptian Constitution referendum in January.

Gargash reaffirmed the UAE’s commitment to continue supporting the Egyptian economy cooperation programme, especially as the UAE is receiving positive indicators from various bodies, among them the Egyptian community in the UAE, that call for optimism in the new Egyptian government.

Mehleb expressed his appreciation on the repeated visits of Emirati officials, and on behalf of the Egyptian government and people, thanked the UAE for its political and economic support during the previous period.

Mehleb stressed the Egyptian people’s determination to combat extremism and regain the country’s stability. He pointed out that the government is beginning to mobilise its efforts to ensure the success of the upcoming presidential elections.

Mehleb promised to improve the investment climate in Egypt in order to attract more Emirati investments during the coming period. He pointed out that he will personally supervise the removal of any obstacles facing investors in Egypt.