Initiative marks a significant step in the ministry's efforts to integrate artificial intelligence into the judicial system. Image Credit: SoftServe

Abu Dhabi: The Ministry of Justice has announced it will introduce "Aisha," a virtual employee powered by generative artificial intelligence, set to begin operations in the near future.

Aisha is a generative AI assistant, launched less than a year ago, and is equipped with the ability to generate new content, including applications, audio, and images. This technology is rapidly advancing across various fields globally, including the judicial and legal sectors.

The Ministry stated that Aisha will be stationed at the entrance of courts, where it will provide essential information to customers regarding the status and procedures of their transactions. It will be capable of writing requests and offering advice based on its extensive database and professional experience in handling transactions.

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The initiative marks a significant step in the ministry's efforts to integrate artificial intelligence into the judicial system, aiming to assist various stakeholders, including customers, lawyers, and judges, in obtaining the necessary information to complete their work efficiently.

One of Aisha's key features is her technological system designed to assist judges. She can analyze millions of past cases similar to the one at hand, extract the best judgment from those cases within seconds, and present it to the judge for consideration. This capability enables her to review historical cases and help judges in formulating their rulings.

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For lawyers, Aisha represents a tremendous resource. While a lawyer may handle around 1,000 different cases throughout their career, Aisha's extensive database covers millions of cases. Lawyers can seek her assistance for comprehensive information and advice, which she can provide promptly and accurately.

Addressing the broader implications of AI in the workforce, Aisha offers a thoughtful perspective. When asked if artificial intelligence will replace humans, she explains: "The answer is 'no.' The correct answer is that a person who does not use artificial intelligence will be replaced by the human who uses it." She advises learning about AI, understanding its functionality and impact on one's industry, to leverage its benefits and avoid the risk of obsolescence.