Students can design their own oplants using synthetic biology abd advanced genetics. One their virtual plant grows they can 3D printers. Image Credit: Virendra Saklani/Gulf News

Dubai: The Museum of Future Government Services gives visitors a glimpse into the future of services in the UAE through interactive designs and real prototypes created by international designers.

The Museum, which was launched during the Government Summit, explores the future of travel, health care, education and urban services. It brings together over 80 designers, technologists and futurists from nearly 20 countries to imagine how these services could be changed for the better in the coming years.

It aims to shows how businesses, governments, and citizenry could work together to create a world-class experience of government services.


Smart airport

The passenger walks through three laser scanners: the first confirms the identity, the second checks the travel history and the third checks the comfort level.

A wet towel is given to the passenger to wipe their face and hand at the entrance of the airport. Once the towel is returned it is placed on a machine that checks if the passenger has any diseases before he checks in.


Smart fork

Monitors and checks your food with every bite, helps you stay on track with your digest. Monitors your insulin levels and helps you avoid contamination.



Nanorobots scrub your teeth for perfect health and clean your entire system for added health and wellness.


Smart dates

Intelligently adds medication and vitamins to your daily meals boosting immunity and well-being through preventive means.


The Smart mirror

Once you place your hand on the scanner attached to the mirror it gives you a full health check up (checks your blood pressure, diabetes, etc). The mirror also acts as a planner and checks the weather and news.


The smart city

Smart electrical grids will channel power to the areas that need it the most. Automated vehicles will transport food and people safely, hence avoiding traffic. A virtual tour guide will show tourists around.


Virtual personal assistant

Artificial intelligence will act as virtual personal assistant accessed on the phone. The personal assistant will assist citizens with government services such as renewing IDs and paying bills.


Gestural interfaces

New kinds of sensors will allow you to interact with computers in different ways; by gesture, touch and voice.


Robot receptionist

A robot will be connected with the receptionists. Instead of the receptionist leaving his/her desk to show a customer the way, using the remote control he can let the robot take the customers where they need to go.


Virtual reality

Displays are becoming so sensitive and so high resolution, we will soon be able to interact in completely virtual words. This technology can be applied for education, tourism, business and government.


3D printers

Is a new way of manufacturing metals, plastics or even electronics. They can be used in almost all fields, most importantly, in the health sector.


Interactive plant design game

Students can design their own plants using synthetic biology and advanced genetics.