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The Dubai Courts building. Image Credit: Antonin Kelian Kallouche/Gulf News Archives

Dubai: Charges against a Dubai man, who was caught while reportedly delivering drugs to an inmate inside a detention centre in Dubai, have been dismissed.

According to Dubai Public Prosecution, the man had walked into a police station in Dubai to deliver underwear and other items of personal hygiene to an inmate who was convicted in a narcotics case.

Illegal substances were found inside the underwear that the man had come to deliver, but the suspect denied knowing what was inside the package. He claimed that the brother of the inmate had given him the bag and asked him to deliver it to the inmate inside the detention centre.

Prosecutor Ahmed Tamim from Drugs Prosecution said the inmate was in custody for consuming drugs. Officers at the police station found the illegal substance while searching his bag.

‘No ground to file a case’

“The suspect denied knowing about the drugs and claimed that he was just a messenger. It was his first time delivering clothes to the suspect. Prosecution found there was no ground to file a case against the suspect and dropped the charges,” said prosecutor Tamim.

Officers told the prosecutors that the suspect was fully cooperative with them while searching the clothes, but he was shocked when they found the drugs.

“He was confused and surprised when the drugs were found. He didn’t know that the drugs were stitched to the clothes,” added Tamim.

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‘Be careful’

Prosecution urged community members to be cautious while delivering items or clothes to inmates — especially to those in custody in drug cases.

“Drugs can be smuggled inside items or clothing delivered to the inmates. The person who delivers the items may be ignorant of lies inside. Be careful about falling into such a trap,” Tamim cautioned.